Our Story


Hello there. This is Victoria, illustrator and founder of Vie de Vic.
It is nice to have you here!

I grew up watching my mom design and be passionate about beautiful things. She used her incredible skills to bring her creative ideas to life. Art pieces, party invitations, paper mâché sculptures and even event decor - besides taking care of her only child, she would spend her days creating. And everything she crafted was (and still is!) absolutely unique and graceful.

 Photo by Animus Art Photography

Photo by Animus Art Photography

I found myself following my mother's steps very early in life. Because she was a stay-home mother for almost a decade, I had the chance to watch her closely as she crafted pretty things.  I'm glad she didn't only encourage me to observe what she did, but also allowed me to join the party.

I developed a passion for drawing when I was a toddler. However, it wasn't until later that I had the pleasure of entering the watercolor world.

In one of my mother's trips to Boston to visit me, her flight back home was postponed to the following day. I decided to take that bonus day together and enjoy it to the fullest, so I asked my mom if she would teach me how to watercolor. We left the airport and went straight to my favorite art supplies shop in town. All it took was one day - I haven't stopped painting ever since.

After watercolor experiments and commissions for close friends, I started to receive inquiries from friends of friends and folks who followed my work online. This is how it all started - naturally. Vie de Vic now offers fine watercolor illustration and stationery for weddings and beyond. We specialize in watercolor invitations, maps, portraits, and custom paper goods for all sorts of events.

Everything we do, we do it with lots of love.

Thank you for your visit!


- Vic